Laboratory Access

NMC laboratory facilities are available on a access-fee basis.  The NMC Director of Laboratory Research establishes priorities for the use of NMC laboratory infrastructure and determines whether outside research activities are compatible with NMC’s core research programs.  NMC gives priority access to activities that complement NMC’s research initiatives and mission.  

Terms of Access

  • Outside use of NMC facilities is performed under the administrative and operational control of the NMC and subject to the training, safety and operating policies of the NMC.
  • NMC allocates Seats in the lab where a Seat equivalent to one full time worker.  Seats may not be shared.  NMC allocates access for periods of no less than 3 months.  Allocations may be extended by periods of no less than one month.
  • Access includes visitor privileges.  Residents may invite guests and students to work on existing programs in the Biolab for periods of up to 6 months.  Residents must request visitor access 1 month in advance. Approval is subject to safety policies and operational priorities and may be denied.
  • The purpose of the NMC Biolab is to build a research community that supports cross institutional and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Residents in NMC facilities must also be NMC Research Fellows.
  • NMC's Biolab Access Agreement outlines NMC policies for lab access.

Access Fees

  • Access Fees are based on NMC’s actual cost of operations and may change with 90 days notice.  NMC’s Access Fees are $6,666 per month per seat and includes office and laboratory access.
  • NMC charges startup fees for each new Resident with laboratory access.  Startup fees cover the cost of specialized capabilities not part of the user facilities, new laboratory buildout, training and administrative/moving/setup expenses related to new activities.  Startup fees are negotiated up front as part of the Access Agreement.
  • NMC allocates space to a Resident's home institution for an agreed upon number of seats for an agreed upon period.  The institution is financially responsible for the access they have contracted for whether or not they use their allocation.


Laboratory access includes:
  • Office work space including use of office infrastructure
  • Dedicated wet lab bench space
  • Shared use of general laboratory infrastructure including hoods, vacuum systems, gases and instrumentation
  • Technician and administrative support
  • Safety and security compliance infrastructure
  • Communications and computing infrastructure
  • Janitorial services
  • Management and administration of common supplies and procurement of equipment and project supplies.
  • Utilities, building maintenance, laboratory waste management

Additional charges may apply for technician support, materials and supplies and use of specialized NMC instrumentation.

Contact Irina Izvekova at with a description of your project and requirements to begin the process.

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