NMC Industrial Collaborators


Collaboration is an integral part of scientific research, and is increasingly moving towards partnerships being created across different department, disciplines, and institutions, even between academic, government and private industry. This type of interdisciplinary collaboration has accelerated the pace of research and encouraged the development of innovative and groundbreaking strategies in investigating increasingly novel and complex topics. Currently at the NMC, industrial collaborators include Pebble Labs USA Inc., Specifica, Innate Immunity LLC, Spartina Biotech LLC, and UbiQD

Pebble Labs USA Inc. is working to safely and sustainably eliminate pathogens in agriculture, aquaculture and vector-borne disease without herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics. Through the process of transbiotics, Pebble Labs uses naturally occurring bacteria to produce double-stranded RNA that are designed to inhibit the expression of genes in only the targeted pathogens and pests, without harming the environment, the host organism or humans. Pebble Labs Inc is made up of three smaller companies, MermaidBioIronLeaf, and LittleFly
Specifica is focused on providing the next generation of human antibody engineering and discovery solutions.  Specifica’s technology delivers high-affinity human antibodies with desired characteristics, and their native human libraries can provide powerful and exclusive in-house discovery capabilities.

Innate Immunity LLC. is a local start-up company doing research on agricultural health. Webpage coming soon.

Spartina Biotech LLC is a biofuel and renewable energy development corporation whose mission is to develop technologies and applications that advance production of renewable energy sources while supporting the sustainability of natural resources. We specialize in cost-effective treatment of industrial waste water and in the production of renewable energy through biofuel and bioproduct development and production for a sustainable, domestically produced, clean source of energy, food and water.
UbiQD, a Los Alamos based startup company, manufactures quantum dots, and is pioneering window tints that could turn skyscrapers into renewable energy power plants. While UbiQD mainly focuses on solar window technology, it is also developing an agriculture product around their unique nanomaterials. The quantum dot films can also be used in greenhouses to tailor the solar spectrum to give plants better quality light, which can enhance photosynthesis. UbiQD also sells  materials for R&D purposes and provides materials technology development services. 


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